Thank you to our rescue community! Without these people we could not do what we do.

Just to name a few:

  • Sandy Memorial Animal Hospital of Hartsville, SC
  • ​Sweetest  Dog Rescue
  • Howls On Wheels
  • Chesterfield County Shelter
  • Lancaster​ Animal Shelter
  • Mission Paws-ible IL​

Dóchas N Grá Animal Rescue is 501(c)3 located in Chesterfield, SC.  We rescue animals that have been abandoned, abused or neglected in the hopes that they can be adopted.  We also act as a sanctuary for those animals with significant needs, providing a home for the homeless.  Our passion is to speak for those who cannot speak for themselves.

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Here at Dn'G we never turn a dog down because of its breed.  And we take on many long term or high medical needs animals. As such we need to expand our long term housing for our sanctuary and long stay animals (many of whom move onto other rescues after healing in hopes of adoption). 

We are asking for your help in purchasing a permanent shelter- providing the most efficient quality space for these animals.This will cost $15,000 to build and complete.Please donate anything you can to help us in our continued mission.

We are extremely grateful to:

  • ​Pam and David Fisher
  • Joyce Fink
  • Kelli Barton-Rogers and Sister
  • Joel and Nancy Goodman
  • Willy Glenn
  • Dr. and Mrs. O'Keefe
  • Dr. O'Keefe Staff: Mona, Jean and Heidi
  • Anne and Ross Goodman
  • Scott and Chelsea McGonigal
  • AJ and Jessica McGonigal
  • Lisa and Duane Johnson
  • Kathleen and James Bailey
  • Denise and Sean Murphy
  • Julie Goodman
  • Kathy and Larry Mebs
  • Healthy Pet of Medford, NJ
  • The Treiber Families
  • Susan Helms
  • Jake Sweet
  • And many others who have helped us achieve our goals every day!

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​Help Us in OUr MIssion


Storm damage pictures.  For the most up to date info please like our page on facebook

Thank you so much for the phone calls, text and phone calls checking on us. We made it through the storm with no injuries, and no animals were harmed. With the amount of time we had we were well were prepared, planned ahead and the Misfits were inside their cabins during the storm except for bathroom breaks. Those were fun! The damage is limited to the kennels (see pics below), fences and one of the Cabins. We have power now (cross your fingers), water and food for everyone. With that being said we are CLOSED for intakes on any critters until further notice. We hate to do so, but thank you for your patience. We appreciate the support of our Dochas community and need to ask for even more support at this time. Therefore, we are asking for donations to help us with our repairs, so that we can in hopes return to intakes as soon as possible to further help our community's recovery. All donations are tax deductible as Dochas n Gra is a 501(c)3 non-profit, via As usual we appreciate your support, your kind works and all the check ins for us and the animals! We know how very lucky we are at this time and are thinking of all in our community impacted by Florence.

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Please help us continue our mission!  You can donate directly to the rescue or direct to medicals expenses. Click on donate button above or contact Sandy Memorial Hospital in Hartsville, SC at (843) 332-2667.  See below for even more ways!
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